Services & Materials

Machinery Models and Capabilities

MORI-SEIKI Model SL-25, 2 Axis Lathe  2 ½”  10” DIA
 OKUMA-HOWA Model ACT4XT, 4 Axis Lathe  2 ½”  10” DIA
 MIYANO Model BND-51T, 4 Axis Lathe  2”  6” DIA
 MIYANO Model BND-34S2, 4 Axis Lathe  1 ⅝”  6” DIA
 MORI-SEIKI Model SL-00, 2 Axis Lathe  1 ⅝”  6” DIA
 MIYANO Model BNC-34T, 3 Axis Lathe  1 ⅝”  6” DIA
 MORI-SEIKI Model ZL-150S, 4 Axis Lathe  1 ½”  6” DIA
 MIYANO Model BX-26S, 8 Axis Lathe  ¾”  ¾” DIA
 MORI-SEIKI Model DURA 5100  41" x 21" x 20"
 MORI-SEIKI Model DURA 5080  31" x 22" x 20"
 KITAMURA MYCENTER 3Xi  30” x 17” x 18”
 MAKINO Model FX-650  25” x 16” x 16”
 MORI-SEIKI Model TV-300  16” x 11” x 12”
 STRAUSAK Universal Grinding Center Model 57-U, 5 Axis  X-26.8", Y-10.25", 10" Wheel, Continous "U" Axis
 KELLENBERGER Universal Grinder Model UR 175 x 1000  14" Swing x 40" Centres, 16" Wheel
 TSCHUDIN Universal Grinder Model PL-65A ANGLE  8" Swing x 26" Centres, 20" Wheel, Plain & Angle Head
 KADIA Honing Machine CNC Control  ¾” DIA x 14” Stroke, Vertical
 KELLENBERGER Internal/External Grinder Model 125 x 1000  125 x 1000
 SUNNEN Honing Machine Model 1804  Horizontal
 CHEVALIER Model FSG  16" x 32", Fully Automatic Surface Grinder
 MORI-SEIKI Engine Lathe
 HARDINGE Model HLV-H Tool Room Lathe
 HARDINGE Model DSM-59 Turret Lathe
 HARDINGE Model HSL Speed Lathe
 KIAMT-SEIKI Model 2MF - Vertical Mill
 BRIDGEPORT Milling Machine with Digital Readout


 ELDORADO Gun Drill M75  1/16” DIA to ¾” DIA x 36” LONG
 LANDMARK Model LME-2001 Laser Marking System  
 VIEW Model BAZIC 8 Video Measurement System  
 AMADA Bandsaw Model HA-250  




Airtronic provides solutions; from the urgent delivery of a single complex, intricate component to the continuous supply of extremely close-tolerance components.


Airtronic machines the standard, softer materials including:

 More importantly, Airtronic has decades of experience machining more exotic and harder materials including:

Airtronic welcomes enquiries into precision machining solutions of alternative soft, exotic, and hard materials.


Airtronic continues to upgrade and invest in the latest technologies and equipment in multi-axis CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC grinding, CNC honing, as well as gun-drilling and laser marking. The Airtronic team also utilizes manual grinding, milling and turning processes.


In addition to multi-axis, multi-function machining that facilitates turning, milling, honing and drilling operations, Airtronic has the capabilities for internal, external, and surface grinding. Gun-drilling provides the ability to efficiently produce extremely long holes in tough materials. Laser marking is used to provide component marking that is permanent, economical, and legible that also adheres to client tracking requirements.


Airtronic ships and receives all components and materials on-site at its loading docks, capable of loading at truck level and ground level.


Airtronic provides complete sub-tier supplier services using its network of approved material and service suppliers, all of which comply with quality control procedures and standards. These strategic business relationships enable the Airtronic team to deliver improved efficiencies to its clientele.